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Jun 28 2012 Spice IT

ISTE 2012: BYOD Is Here, So Get Used to It

  • Schools need to make BYOD work and prepare their networks for student-owned devices.
  • Schools should avoid putting barriers between students and the web.
  • A methodology needs to be put in place to measure the learning that is taking place as a result of students having full-time access to the device.


  • Mark Washington, director of technology and media services for the Port Huron Area School District, Mich.;
  • David Warlick, 2¢ Worth writer and speaker;
  • Karen Cator, director of the Office of Educational Technology for the Dept. of Education;
  • Henry C. Thiele, chief technology officer for Maine Township High School;
  • Cameron Evans, national technology officer for Microsoft Education;
  • Brian Hackett, instructional technology at Prince William County Schools, Va.

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