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Reference Guides

The ABCs of Common Core and other online testing standards, mobile devices in the classroom and other trends shaping K–12 education.
March 2014
Guidance on choosing the right cloud environment and determining how to yield the most benefit from it.
October 2013
Increasing staff productivity while lowering costs tied to this growing enterprise resource.
June 2013
Adapting networking strategies and techniques for today’s challenges
May 2013
Managing essential enterprise tools for greater productivity and cost savings.
April 2013
Improving learning outcomes by choosing the right tech tools.
March 2013
Guidance on the strategies and tools needed for a secure and productive bring-your-own-device program.
February 2013
New features are remaking and improving agent-customer interactions.
February 2013
Finding the right fit among constantly evolving cloud options
January 2013
Boosting productivity and efficiency enterprisewide — from applications and infrastructure to internal and external users
January 2013
Centralized management of endpoints for security, cost-efficiency and sustainability benefits
January 2013
Bringing a comprehensive approach to software assets
January 2013
Refreshing data security to meet an evolving threat environment
June 2012
Enhancing interactive resources for greater efficiency and responsiveness.
April 2012
Bringing efficiency and improved services to the infrastructure.
January 2012