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Spring 2013

Open House
An Illinois high school hosts Demo Days to showcase for others how its tablet program works.
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Über Innovation
A California IT director solved a litany of challenges for his district by building his own operating system. Today, more than 40 other districts are using it too.
Special-Needs Savvy
Educators in California, Montana and Washington explain how technology makes it easier to engage students with physical and learning disabilities.
Teacher Tutorial
Follow these best practices to help special-needs students use technology for meaningful learning experiences.
All Together Now
Stoneware users from Indiana, Massachusetts and Michigan reveal why and how they’re using the cloud.
Spreading the Wealth
A North Carolina nonprofit plans to give disadvantaged students computers running ubermix.
Report Card: Block Busters
Deciding what to allow and what to block depends on school culture, the community and the strengths of the web filter you’re using.
Product Review: Viva la Vivo
This Windows RT­–based device, a first from ASUS, is slim, sleek, and suited for work and play.
Lesson Plans: Business Minded
This award-winning project leverages Microsoft technologies to help students understand and promote sustainability in their community.
Innovation in Action: Follow the Leader
Kingsland Public Schools explains how its courses are preparing students for a STEM-centric future.
Tech Watch: 8 Track
Not every school upgraded to Windows 8 when it debuted in October 2012. Here’s why some did.
Tech Watch: The Eyes Have It
Biometrics technology is hardly new, but its high costs have long prevented schools from embracing it. That may soon change.
Tech Trends: FTE FYI
Full-time-equivalent software licensing saves money, streamlines administrative and compliance processes, and improves teaching and learning.
Best Practices: Out of the Fog
An IT manager for the San Francisco Unified School District shares his infrastructure modernization strategies.
Best Practices: Risky Business
These risk assessment practices can help districts mitigate internal and external threats.
Best Practices: Talking the Talk and Walking the Walk
When building an IT support structure for schools, remember that it’s always about the teachers and students.
Contributor Column: Actualizing Instruction
The developer of a digital literacy curriculum reveals how to bring substance to its instruction.
Contributor Column: Tales of a Flip-Flopper
A Canadian educator reveals why she fell in — and out of — love with the flipped classroom model of instruction.
Letter from the Editor: Share and Share Alike
Passion for constant improvement in education is exceeded only by the devotion to helping others.
Making the Grade: Access Plan
Preparing for Common Core requires schools to move resources to the cloud, roll out robust wireless and develop mobile programs.