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November/December 2011

Leaps and Bounds
Educators work around shrinking budgets to make classroom technologies a top priority.
Team Effort
How stronger professional development can boost ed-tech success.
Protect and Serve
Schools have a variety of options at their disposal to combat device loss, including etchings, tracking software and insurance.
A Firm Foundation
Downloadable applications have a lot of potential, but they are only as strong as the networks on which they run.
Talking Points
Educators offer advice for integrating important alert and security notifications tools.
Five Best Practices for Classroom Technology Implementation
A few pointers from educators on how to effectively deploy classroom technology.
Piloting Mobile Devices in New Rochelle
The City School District of New Rochelle supports off-campus wireless Internet connectivity for mobile learning devices through Learning On-the-Go pilot program.
Maximum Impact
These professional development options won't break the budget.
Keeping It Real
Classrooms for the Future participants learned how to build 21st century skills using technology by completing online coursework.
Report Card: Three Cheers for 3D
Teachers believe the technology has a great future in the classroom.
Lesson Plans: From Novice to Native
Cell phones and Web 2.0 tools can help students become better non-native speakers.
Lesson Plans: Pearls of Wisdom
These instructional video and discussion exercises can help students avoid Internet culture shock.
Tech Watch: Multidimensional Learning
Technology puts students at the center of the educational action.
Tech Trends: Tablets Take Off
Schools increasingly are drawn to these touch-screen devices — and the apps that bring them to life.
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Innovation in Action: Kid Power
eKIDs program encourages students to apply their ed-tech knowledge.
Best Practices: Flexible Spending
Schools can survive tough economic times by leasing must-have IT equipment.
Product Review: Sweet Spot
The Toshiba Thrive tablet offers school users the best features found in both business and consumer devices.
Product Review: More Than Meets the Eye
The highly versatile Eee Pad Transformer from ASUS functions as both tablet and notebook.
Letter from the Editor: The Tools of the Trade
Budgetary obstacles notwithstanding, school leaders are making sure students have the tools they need to succeed.
Contributor Column: Native Language
Teachers learn to think and act like Digital Natives.
Contributor Column: A Kinder, Gentler Big Brother
The implementation next-generation truancy tracking systems requires careful consideration.