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Hardware & Software

Why Districts Converge Their Infrastructure
Epson's DC-12
CoSN 2014: Assessment Tech Readiness
Online assessments and next-gen educational standards require more than adequate infrastructure support.
CoSN 2014: Big Data's Big Impact on K-12
More data is available than ever before, alongside greater risks.
CoSN 2014: How Do Big Data and Digital Learning Improve Education?
An overhauled network infrastructure and Chromebooks rollout at a California district’s newest campus sets the stage for districtwide mobile learning.
Samsung Unveils New Chromebook 2 Series for K–12 Schools
Tablets 'Bring Curriculum to Life' in This Minnesota School
If Schools Empower Teachers with the Right Data, They Can Spark Change
Google Adds K–12 Books to Google Play for Education and Announces New Devices
Discovering the Hidden Value of IT
Learn more about deploying Chromebooks, including insights on what infrastructure is needed to support them and all of the ways in which they’re being used inside the classroom.