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Google Yourself For Safety [Infographic]

Google Yourself For Safety [Infographic]

Online challenge encourages users to protect their identities by searching for personal mentions of themselves on the web.

posted August 16, 2012

Show of hands: How many of you have sat in front of a computer and typed your name into a web browser? Don’t be shy. You can admit it.

With so much access in so many places, who could blame you for wanting to know where and in what context your name appears online?

The practice has been dubbed “ego surfing,” but as this infographic posted to online tech site MakeUseOf shows us, searching for one’s name on the web is also a lesson in self preservation — one students and teachers should heed if they want to keep their reputations, and their online identities, intact.

Do yourself a solid and take five minutes to complete the Google Yourself Challenge. What you find about yourself might surprise you.

Google Yourself Challenge

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