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Winter 2013

Growing into the Cloud
Flexibility of cloud solutions is attracting more colleges and more projects.
Considering Cloud ROI
Measuring the ROI of cloud services comes down to more than dollars and cents.
Free to Roam: Blowing Out Wireless
Ubiquitous and seamless coverage gives faculty the tools to pursue innovative teaching and learning initiatives.
8 Ways to Tame the Wireless Juggernaut
Tips on handling the increasing demand for Wi-Fi on college campuses.
Step Inside a 21st Century Cave
When UIC researchers couldn’t buy the 3D technology they needed, Planar Systems made it for them.
Glasses-Free 3D?
University of Illinois researchers have been working on virtual reality technology that doesn't require accessories.
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Cool & Collected
Colleges can lower temperatures and their power expenses with smart planning.
Come Together
As budgets shrink and IT demands rise, how can resources be shared to improve services and save money?
Considering Collaboration? Note These 5 Pointers
With budget in mind, colleges are teaming up to deliver IT.
Campus Outlook: Who Are You?
Identity management lets UC Davis streamline access, improve security and automate routine IT and HR tasks.
Product Review: Wireless Made Easy
This wireless access point enables guest network setup and other efficiencies for growing campus networks.
Tech Watch: MOOCs Make Their Mark
Online learning technologies are rapidly reshaping the future. Schools can ensure such tools work for them, not against them.
Tech Watch: Did You Overlook Windows Server 2012?
IT managers may have glossed over some of the groundbreaking elements in the first major upgrade of the server OS in three years.
Tech Tips: Trouble-Free VLANs
Beneath the virtualization lies real hardware. Here’s advice to keep it functioning smoothly.
Tech Trends: Migrating to Windows 8
Upgrade hinges on many factors, including budget, IT capabilities and devices already in use.
Best Practices: Rethink and Refresh
Bentley University transformed a largely forgotten, dreary lab space into a campus hotspot.
Best Practices: Defense in a Mobile World
Security remained the top concern during development of a mobile application at Harper College. CIO Patrick Bauer shares best practices.
Letter from the Editor: Innovation Through Efficiency
IT demands are increasing but budgets aren't.
Contributor Column: Getting the Knack for NAC
BYOD is driving changes in network access control.
Contributor Column: Smoothing a New CIO’s Transition
Some pointers from a leader who just moved from one university to another.
Real-World IT: Save Time Finding Money
GetEdFunding, an online searchable database of current grant and award opportunities, helps streamline the process of finding funding.