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HarvardX’s and MITx’s MOOC Data Visualized and Mapped

Newly released data from HarvardX and MITx offer insight into who is taking MOOCs, and why.

MOOCs are controversial, but there is one thing that everyone agrees on: We need more research.

Harvard and MIT, both members of edX, have compiled data that will go a long way toward helping educators understand who takes MOOCs, and why. Rather than offering access to the raw data, each institution has given its data a visual treatment.

In total, Harvard and MIT MOOCs enrolled nearly 2 million students and awarded more than 65,000 certificates. Students were predominantly male, and most had already completed a bachelor’s degree. MOOCs are especially popular with students in their mid- to late twenties, and the reach — 193 countries and 188 countries respectively — was impressive.

Dive into the data below, and click the titles to access interactive data on the institutions’ websites.

HarvardX: World map of enrollment

HarvardX Worldwide MOOC Registration

MITx: World map of enrollment

MITx Worldwide MOOC Registration

HarvardX: World map of certificate attainment

HarvardX MOOC Certificates

MITx: World map of certificate attainment

MITx MOOC Certificates

HarvardX: Gender composition

Harvard MOOC Gender Composition

MITx: Gender composition

MIT MOOC Gender Composition

HarvardX: World map of gender composition

Harvard MOOC Worldwide Gender Composition

MITx: World map of gender composition

MITx MOOC Worldwide Gender Composition

HarvardX: Education levels composition

Harvard MOOC Previous Education

MITx: Education levels composition

MITx MOOC previous education

HarvardX: World map of education composition

Harvard Worldwide Education Level

MITx: World map of education composition

MITx Worldwide education level

HarvardX: Age composition

HarvardX MOOC Age Composition

MITx: Age composition

MITx MOOC Age Composition

HarvardX: World map of age composition

HarvardX MOOC Median Age

MITx: World map of age composition

MITx MOOC Median Age

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