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Is Earning a College Degree Getting Too Easy? [Infographic]

Is Earning a College Degree Getting Too Easy? [Infographic]

Educational technology creates yet another controversy.

posted August 29, 2012

“Back in my day, we walked 15 miles to school . . . uphill . . . both ways.” We’ve all heard that one before. But is Grandpappy right? Were things harder in the past — including learning?

New studies show that students are getting better grades and studying less. But before we write off this generation of college students as lazy, remember that technology is playing a huge role in their daily lives. This infographic from states that technology is saving students about 2 hours per day. That is a significant amount of time, and it’s just the beginning. Researching, writing, scheduling, communicating and taking notes are tasks that are much easier, now that most college students have laptops and mobile devices.

College isn’t easier, it’s just different. Remember that when your kids watch lectures on smartphones they wear on their wrists.

Is technology making college too easy?

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